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The Bolt Pride Experience - Originated in 1992
Bolt Pride is who we are.
The heart of the Chargers' 12th man!


The San Diego Chargers are our team - win or lose. We party at every home game, front-row center in the Chargers' Thunder Zone. When we win, nothing can be better. Even when we lose, we are there to fire up our team. After all, the Murph will always be OUR HOUSE!

Bolt Pride started with the 4-man corps in 1992 - but now Bolt Pride fever is everywhere. Bolt Pride is about a passion for the Chargers; it's about family; it's about respect, and it's about having a great time.

Bolt Pride has become the most celebrated Charger fan group worldwide. The Bolt Pride family proudly represents in Bolt Pride gear year-round. The words "Bolt Pride" say it all. Charger players past (LT) and present (Ryan Matthews) understand this. The sight of LT representing in Bolt Pride gear at Lambeau field is forever priceless. This is the Bolt Pride Experience - and it's a beautiful thing!

The extended, worldwide Bolt Pride family makes Bolt Pride what it is today. Bolt Pride cannot be ignored. But this recognition also brings a responsibility and opportunity to contribute to our community. In recent years, the Bolt Pride has raised over $12,000 for community causes, including over $5,500 for youth education through the Athletes for Education Foundation. This too is the Bolt Pride Experience, and we're only getting started.

This site is a "work in progress" of the Bolt Pride experience. See where we have been and what we have seen. Stay tuned for new additions.

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The Bolt Pride Experience originated in 1992

Updated on December 27, 2015
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