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Alvarez, Valdivia, Tirado and MagWell. The Bolt Pride 4-man corps. Each of us is a hard core Charger fan. It was our destiny to be united by our passion for the Chargers. The fact is that we didn't know each other prior to becoming proud Charger season ticket holders. With over 60,000 seats to choose from at the Murph, it was destiny that eventually landed us into adjacent seats in Plaza Section 21, Row 1 - right in the middle of the west end-zone. The Plaza was our party zone from 1992-1996. Then with the creation of the Chargers' Power Corps in 1997, our extended Bolt Pride party moved forward to the Field Section 17 front row! Bolt Pride now controls 13 of the 15 front row seats in our section.

Tirado arrived first in the mid-1980's, followed by Valdivia. MagWell and Alvarez arrived separately in 1992 to complete the Bolt Pride family core - the rest is Bolt Pride history. Since 1992, we have enjoyed the Chargers, and life, together. We have been there to enjoy Charger wins and endure losses. Our biggest thrill was the Super Bowl season of 1994. We rode a season opening six game winning streak to the ecstasy of the AFC championship win over the Steelers. We partied at the Murph to welcome our champions home on the most beautiful rainy night in San Diego history. We then took Bolt Pride to Miami and Super Bowl XXIX.

But life for the Bolt Pride family goes beyond the day-long Murph parties on gamedays. The 4-man corps has produced an extended family of relatives and friends. We have shared weddings, births, baptisms, birthdays and many other occasions that make life special - all because of the Chargers!

The 4-man corps leads the Bolt Pride party before, during and after home games.

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The Bolt Pride Experience originated in 1992

Updated on December 27, 2015
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