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The Return of Annakin

In a galaxy far, far away ... a Jedi master once led a small group of knights in the galactic battle against the evil Empire. There were many encounters with the Empire in the early years, but the Jedi troop always emerged victorious. The force multiplied in the young knights with each new victory. One maverick knight, Annakin Skywalker, reveled in the ways of the force, and he excelled faster than the rest. Unfortunately, consumed by his selfish ambition, he was drawn to the dark side. Annakin, now known as Darth Vader, embraced the Empire and personally led new attacks against his Jedi mentor. This continuous struggle between mentor and pupil defined the star wars of good vs. evil for all eternity. Nevertheless, the Jedi master and his faithful charges were always protected by the power of the force.

Fact or fiction? While the Star Wars saga exists in the imagination, another good vs. evil clash was contested across AFL/NFL gridirons. Here life imitated fiction. The Chargers' franchise began in 1960 under the direction of Head Coach Sid Gillman - the original Jedi master. Led by Coach Gillman, the Chargers won consecutive AFL Western Division titles in 1960 and 1961. Charger power was born, and life in the AFL was good.

Everyone prospered from the Chargers' success, especially the four young assistant coaches who learned directly from the master. Coach Gillman's staff included Joe Madro, Jack Faulkner, Chuck Noll and ... Al Davis. Although only 33, Davis distinguished himself as a football prodigy with thirteen brilliant years of coaching and football administration experience behind him.

Davis attended Wittenburg College in Springfield, Ohio and Syracuse, playing football, basketball and baseball. He began his football coaching career at Adelphi College in Garden City, Long Island, in 1950-51. He was head coach at the Ft. Belvoir, Virginia Army team in 1952-53. He served on the staff of the Baltimore Colts, at The Citadel and at the University of Southern California (1957-59). Finally, he excelled as a Charger assistant to Coach Gillman in 1960-62. Considered one of the top recruiters of football talent in the nation, Davis signed many key players for the Chargers, including Ernie Ladd, Lance Alworth, Walt Sweeney, Earl Faison and Paul Lowe. Truly, the force of Charger power was with Al Davis.

However, Davis' rise in the Charger dynasty was terminated on January 19, 1963 when he became General Manager/ Head Coach of the Oakland Raiders - the evil Empire!

The Raiders continues with ... The Empire Strikes Back

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